Fall Wedding Flowers

Marriage seasons at one time took place around June and after that they hit a low for the rest of the year, but lately brides and grooms have noted th...

Marriage seasons at one time took place around June and after that they hit a low for the rest of the year, but lately brides and grooms have noted the beauty of fall wedding flowers and their splendor. The colors of fall wedding flowers are rich and accompanied by strong and vibrant scents. The perfect wedding set up and theses flowers can be found very cheap.

The Best Fall Wedding Flowers

Undoubtedly the mother and queen for fall wedding flowers is the Mini calla lily. This is a majestic plant and it is made up of an incredible range of colors and elegance. It isfall wedding flowers the type any wedding bride would crave and want. Another fall classic flower is the Hydrangea and this flower is very beautiful and looks great anywhere and in any set up, both during the night and day. It has great shades that accompany it and a certain aerosol spray on it will deepen the shade. They are cheap too.

The Rose with all its valor and splendor blends in all the romance around. Roses offer a special gravity that is more than often associated with fall wedding flowers and as always the rose brings an extra touch to the bouquet. When getting and deciding on the flowers to choose your florist can help you with the discussion and also give you information on types of flowers to choose and those in season. The flowers that can be used in fall weddings will be mentioned below.

Types Of Fall Wedding Flowers


Daises can be used in fall weddings and they are quite a number which vary from single petal daises to double petal daises. Their different sizes and brightness make them very beautiful and eye catching. Slipper Orchid The Slipper Orchid is a fall wedding flower that has good colors such as red, green, yellow and brownish and they can set the tone when the fall season begins. Gloriosa Lilies The Gloriosa Lilies are special fall flowers that offer a magnificent bloom that shines out making a statement. The curved petals will strike everyone especially because of their lustrous red colour and they will definitely make heads turn.

Oriental Lilies

Oriental lilies are also known scientifically as (Lilium Oriental). These lilies come in colors such as cream, yellow, burgundy and white. A Stargazer is one of the hybrids of Oriental Lilies and has a white color and some pink and red around the throat.


Sunflowers although rarely used in most modern weddings are still regarded. The sunflower has short double yellow petals and the dark middle makes it an excellent choice for cutting it and setting it up. It has a long life.


The name of this flower is derived from the Greek names chyos and anthos meaning gold and flower. The flower is generally found in certain forms such as daisy and spider and the size of this fall flower together with its blooming time makes it very popular for bouquets arrangements.

Baby’s Breath

This name is for “work horse” arrangements and the colors range blushed purple through white right to pink. The Baby’s breath can be accompanied with some flowers and some green to create the outmost fullness. When put in an interesting and attractive container these fall wedding flowers can turn heads.

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